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Today is the digital era! The millennium of computer technology. One of the hottest topics in this field is the new technology of crypto currencies.
Since the day in which Satoshi invented the first crypto currency, the Bitcoin, several thousands of crypto currencies have been created. In 2013 Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer made the first joke coin (meme coin) the Doge, making fun only, but today the coin has a market capacity over 30 billion US dollars! According to the great victory of Doge, many meme coins have been developed over the net, such as Shiba Inu that is another successful meme token project.
But no meme coin ever exists to engage with a social-political real world's problem, all of them are just jokes!
In December of 2021, Tatashi Toushe founded the first meme token project that focuses on the problem of sleepy presidents. She named the token "Old Fart" after the US President Joe Biden farting at the COP26 climate talks in November 2021 to recall and bold the sleepy presidents' problem as a joke. She also created a new type of white paper, the "Fart Paper"! Just like the dog type meme coins Woof Papers! So for more information about the project, please read the Fart Paper!

Old Fart Bg Token


The Old Fart token is introduced as a crypto currency to bold the problem of presence of elderly people at the political office.




The Old Fart project road map is crystal clear! All the activities and timeline are obvious and easy to understand. The developers are committed to follow it accurately. Click the picture to view enlarged.



The contract is a SafeMoon type liquidity generator tokne, %3 fee is deducted of each transaction amount to add liquidity to the DEX pool and incresing the support of the token. Also %2 fee is deducted of each transaction to reward to token holders.
%5 of the total supply is the developers share
%65 of the total supply will be used for campaign support as mentioned in the white paper.
%30 of the total supply is free for vesting.
Also %90 of the total supply has been locked in a third party locker platform for over one year and released in cyclic period as mentioned in the road map.




Old Fart is sorted on PancakeSwap.finance and it is tradable now! Just look for our contract code on PancakeSwap or you can use the embeded Poocoin.app here!



Smart contract codes may have vulnerabilities! Many scammers use smart contracts to make a honey pot or rug pull. The only way to find out how a smart contract is safe, is to use a 3rd party service to check the code. So we did it to assure our investors against such a scamming technic. The Old Fart smart contract is audited by Audit Rate Tech and you can read out the report here: Audit Report AuditRate-logo

OldFart Developer


To remain decentralized the Old Fart token developers choose to stay unknown. Being known is opposite to the spirit of decentralization.
Many successful crypto currency developers stayed unknown just like Satoshi, the Bitcoin founder and Ryoshi the Shiba Inu founder. So because of probable social-political impact of the Old Fart token, the founder (Tatashi) also has chosen the way of her predecessors Satoshi and Ryoshi. But to assure investors against scamming, developers passed double KYCs by the PinkSale and SpyWolf agencies. The KYC certificate is available at SpyWolf SpyWolf-logo.
Also developer team will lock the tokens and liquidity on a third party platform as expressed in the Fart Paper (White Paper).

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