Token Airdrop

Old Fart Token Airdrop



 1. Join Crypto IDO Presale Telegram group and tag 5 firiends.
 2. Follow the @fart_token Twitter account, quote the pinned post and tag @ElonMusk, @KanyeWest, @DonaldjTrumpJr and 5 friends.
 3. Join the Discord Old_Fart_Token server and invite 3 friends.
 4. Enter your Telegram ID and Twitter username (without "@") in the following fields.
 5. Enter a valid email address to be informed.
 6. Enter a referral code if you have one.
 7. Enter your Binance Smart Chain (BSC) wallet address in the following field.
 8. Click submit button.

Hint: Run IDBot and then type "/getid" in your Telegram client to get your account ID as shown in this link: Finding Telegram ID

Telegram ID:

Twitter Username:

Email Address:

Referral Code:

Wallet Address: